Going out in public with a child is one of those things that I constantly worry about. Not particularly the germs, although that is a thing as sick children are no fun, but everything just becomes that much more complicated when there is a human being you are in charge of and have limited control over. Mostly the poop. Oh, how little control parents have over poop.

I like the act of buying things. It has a refreshing quality to it. It is why I ended up with so many games that I was never going to play. The act of looking, choosing and purchasing really took the edge off of a bad day or was just a simple way to increase joy. It was not all that different from drugs, I imagine. Well, the addiction part at least.

Which is why shopping with the boy has that bit of stress to it. I do not want him to think that every single time we go out he will get something. I sure did not as a child and yet I still managed to find myself with a bit of an over-tendency to buy things. That makes it sound worse than it is. But I do question that jolt of joy I got from making purchases. Especially now as I find myself being asked "What do you want for Xmas?" And my answer, given hesitantly, is "Time."