So many balls

800px-Super-Famicom-Console-Set Fifty Super Famicom games were released between October 1 1993 and December 2, 1993. I did not count this. I am currently watching the Complete Super Famicom Catalog series on Nico Nico. I love how I am always noticing new games to pick up and try out.

What I am noticing this time is the comments.

  • “Wow, there were a lot of golf games.”
  • “Another soccer game? There are so many.”
  • “Everything was an RPG back then.”
  • “Wow, another platformer?.”

Which actually is kind of funny because there was just so much of everything coming out and seeing it in such rapid succession really drove home that point. The weird thing about 1993 was that there was a lot of games that still looked like Famicom games with more colors and games that were really starting to use the SuFami's stuff. This is probably my favorite era for graphics. So many of the games just have that right amount of color and style. I am slowly making up a list of stuff to check out when I am done with my _Final Fantasy_ replays. Making the backlog even bigger.