Loud voices

There seems to be a fine line between being walked over and doing the walking. The idea of playing a push-back-and-forth game bores me. There are things I want to do. If I can help you do the things you want to do by doing things I want to do, we have something to talk about. If I can help you get interested in things that interest me and vice versa, we have some magic going on.

Sometimes people do not care. Sometimes they have to do anyway.

Teaching is interesting in that regard. I have to teach all students whether or not they are interested. Whether or not I can make them interested. One of the questions that I was asked during my interview was “How would you deal with students who just do not seem motivated.” My “”answer”” was to work with the students who were already motivated to foster a positive attitude in the classroom that would prompt the other students.

I am still embarrassed by that answer. I am still wondering what a good one would be.

I “had”… No. I “was left with” …? Maybe. I was in a situation today where just doing my job was not an option. I had to lay down some “”truths” that my students probably did not want to, or even care to, hear. The truth is they are not old enough to choose what they study. But they are old enough to choose whether or not they care. And more importantly they are definitely old enough to decide whether or not to fuck around when the people who do care. I have no idea if I reached anyone today. I hope I did. This was one of those moments. Ones that I never forgot. The ones that changed me for the better. I hope at the very least I did that to one person today.