The tall building of passionate people


Through watching speed runs or voiced versions of FF6 over the past year, one part of the game that is often not seen, or mostly skipped over thanks to the Moogle Charm, is the Tower of Fanatics. Tackling this chock-full-o-steps building with only Celes, Edgar and Setzer has been proving to be an intense challenge.

Of course, a bit more HP should solve that. Maybe. The Level 90 Magician does about 2000 with Meltdown and sometimes likes to cast it back to back. That is ignoring the jerk that likes to cast Quake[ref]Yes, float solves this. But only if you know it is coming.[/ref] or the other jerk that likes to cast X-Zone.

Obtaining that dual-casting permitting relic is fairly desirable, however. It seems like it will take some time, though.