My fat tongue

I hate writing about writing. I have said this before. I am hesitant to use the term "writer's block" because I am afraid of using the term both because I feel that it is overused but also, and perhaps more importantly, that right now you can clearly see that I am not "blocked". Words are coming out of my mouth. Well, fingers. Words are finding a way out of me. But my tongue feels fat.

That is the closest way that I can feel like I am adequately explaining myself without sounding completely bonkers. Every single word that comes out feels like it is being trampled by the one after it. They are stuck behind my big, fat, slobbery tongue. They are sticking to it and not wanting to leave my mouth.

They do. Eventually. The force of pushing constantly results in something coming out. But it feels strange. _Painful_. **Unnatural**. _**Awkward**_. Adjective. Noun. Verb.