Age-old fun

LinkcableThere was an event today at the school I was at where they did some performances and singing and stuff for their grandparents. After about a half hour of this the tables were turned and some of the grandparents showed some stuff to their grandkids. What I went and saw was an older man who was showing how to make a little pop-gun out of bamboo. Then with some wet tissue or daikon radish, the students let fly and sent little bullets whizzing across the room via bamboo cannons. It was a neat little activity.

What it got me thinking of, though, was what would these kids be showing their grandchildren sixty years from now? What would I possibly be showing my own grand children?

“Here, grandchild of mine. Gaze on how we used to read. Words printed on paper.

“Look at this. To trade Pokémon we used to have to connect cables between two Gameboys.”