Free fun

Pictlogica-Final-Fantasy-620x350 Hmm. This might be bad. Puzzles and Dragons plus Picross plus Final Fantasy. I have already drained my iPhone’s battery several times playing it. Whoops.

To say it is a direct copy of Puzzles and Dragons is pretty much as wrong as it is right. Right here there is a good formula for a game, but it is trapped under trying to get me to spend lots and lots of money. Thankfully, I am pretty darn strong about these sorts of things[ref]Not having much cash to begin with helps.[/ref]. Yet it makes me genuinely mad that a good game is being held back by grabs for cash. Enough people are spending the cash, so I guess I will just have to settle for the little enjoyment I get for free.

I would like to give my money. But not like this.