Happy New Year!

It is interesting how quickly we align ourselves with our surroundings. The school year is now April to March in my head. The new year begins January first. That seems not crazy, right? But really, and this is super obvious stuff, I know, the “”new year”” begins for me every year on my birthday. So, Happy New Year to me and everyone else with a birthday today.

A little self centered approach to thinking about it, sure. Yet, I sort of feel it lets me pull myself out of the mass situation that is daily life. It is a weird way to look at it and think actually, my year is only just beginning. I just go with the other calendar for the connivence of myself interacting with everyone else.

A silly thought, but one that puts a few things into perspective. In a good way, I think.

subaku is on sale today for a dollar. It is my own birthday present to you all. Treat yourself. You deserve it. For lots of people over the world, a new year begins today.