Riding a train

I spent the day in Osaka, celebrating my soon to be thirty first birthday. It was a great time with great people. I am lucky.

I am on the train home now, and it is comforting. Here I move at fast speeds and feel so much safer than when driving a car, walking down the street or flying a plane.

I feel free. Despite being bound to the rails that keep the train going on its only path, I feel a freedom to just be.

There is a salary man who looks like he is going to vomit. There is a young boy sleeping with one hand down his pants. There is a young lady who shopped and has now dropped into the seat next to the man who fell asleep into his book.

We are all alive. We are all experiencing our own joys and sorrows. We are probably luckier than we realize. We are all riding this train and thinking maybe we might have even less control over our life than the control this train has over the path it follows.

But that is all right. Because for the moment, we can just let life carry us to our next place.