Backlog check in October 2013


  • 2013.10.05: VVVVVV (Replay)
  • 2013.10.16: Cave Story (Replay)
  • 2013.10.24: The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition




Eep. That is a lot of English games.

Well, two out of three. Cave Story was nice to play again in Japanese now that I am a bit more comfortable with the language. I did finish it with the “”good”” ending, but well, not really. Because that damned bonus dungeon sits and stares at me and I just cannot make it through. I was really wanting to play the Steam version on hard, but since that is still borked, oh well.

VVVVVV I simply played because I installed Steam. Short, but really refreshing. I played with some of the custom stages but none of them really worked for me. What a soundtrack, though. What a soundtrack.

And The Secret of Monkey Island was more frustrating than I had expected it to be. The new version looks nice but the interface becomes a bit clunkier now that you have to tap the keyboard more. (Unless I missed something?) I got lost a few more times than I would have liked and used the hint system a lot more than I would have hoped. Lovely dialogue, though.

So three games on my computer. What is becoming of me? Well, my capture device is not working at the moment. I have a potential solution that if I end up get working, I will get back to lots of Super Famicom games real quick. November should be an interesting month for my back log.