Sports days

Due to the way my scheduling for work goes, I do not actually get to attend the sports festivals that often. Which, I do not mind because it is a lot of work and organization to run these things and since I go to so many schools there is no way I could teach all of my English classes and be up to date with the way the sports festival operates. There are just too many schools and classes to teach. At the mercy of the weather, though, the school I went to today had to reschedule twice. A sports festival on a Tuesday does not bode well for a lot of parents being able to attend, but from the turn out it seems a lot were able to swing something. As these events are usually in September when it is still warm, this was probably the coldest sports day a lot of these students will ever experience. One to remember.

Scheduling is so, so difficult. From my viewpoint of only teaching English classes, it seems so easy. Put me in a school where I can teach. But actually coordinating that with all the other things going on at a school - and multiply that by eight - it is amazing that there are so few times that I end up with situations like this. English is not the only part of my job description, however. A lot of the students asked me a bunch of questions today, which I happily answered. There was an extra pair of hands for clean up as well. I may not have done much, but I feel like I helped a little. And considering how busy my days can be, I suppose a day like this is nothing to whine about.