A mixed bag

02Thinking about what I played yesterday, I realized I might have a “”problem”” of sorts here. I woke up and after doing some translating, I poked through Pokémon for a little bit. After lunch I got a message from some friends and hopped online for some Monster Hunter 4. While my son was taking a bath I played some Ace Attorney. Finally, before I went to bed I played some Final Fantasy 6.

So. Problem? Not too much gaming. I definitely do not feel that. Too many different games at once? Hm. A problem or not. Keeping up a variety of games does prevent over-saturation and getting sick of games. It does feel a little unfocused, though, and keeps stacking up the amount of games that I am playing.

So why do I keep doing it?

I keep a list of games I beat during the year. This does not matter. I do not “”win”” for having beaten more games than someone else. I do not “”win”” if I play and finish a certain number of games. However it lets me keep a log of my feelings and moods because any sort of entertainment is influenced by your own feelings. The games that are being created by the experienced art mix with the ones you are already experiencing for whatever reason life decided to dish out and mix to form the whole picture.

I am sure there is a reason this year I have felt the need to replay a lot of games. I am working those feelings out within myself and will possibly come up with a furthering of myself and a furthering of my own happiness. Which is one of the only things we can go for if nothing “”matters”” everything must “”matter”“, right?