Resetting time



The TV goes black. I groan. My Super Famicom must be busted. Or maybe my FF6 cart is busted. Crap. Well, I could just pick it up on Wii U’s Virtual Console for 800 points and I would not even have to get out of my chair.

And after all these thoughts coursed through my brain, I turn my head to see my son giggling, the reset button of my Super Famicom depressed under his might. Sigh. I will have to do the Magitek Factory all over again.

Replaying the Final Fantasy games this year makes FF6 a bittersweet moment. This is it for the sprites that I love so dear. With FF13’s release, there were more 3D FF games than 2D. Throughout the entire Game Boy Advance’s lifetime, I was not-so-secretly hoping that Square-Enix would just make an old-style FF game for the system. It did not even have to be titled FF! I would be happy.

Years later, they kind of did. It is called Bravely Default. Best game I have played in recent years. Well. Ignoring the ones I replay. I like FF6 a whole bunch. Replaying it right now is super sweet.