Back from Monkey Island™


The thirty-second game I finished this year is The Secret of Monkey Island. Now this was one that always sat in the back of my mind as one that I just “gotta beat one day”! With what has been happening in my personal life lately, the dawning that I am not immortal, as obvious as that is, has become clearer than ever before. If I want to do these things I ought to start doing them.

I heard an interesting comment about Blade Runner the other day on Amplified. It is not so much that the movie is good[ref]Do not ask me. Never seen it.[/ref] but rather that it supplies a base amount of knowledge that helps understand things around us today. Monkey Island is one of those gams. No doubt about it.

Its writing is a work of art. The puzzles… vary, I found. There were several times where I ended up exhausting the hint list, not because I could not figure it out on my own, but that the interface and I were struggling with each other. I was dang-sure I knew what to do, but it would not work. Checking with the hints confirmed my instinct, but I still had to poke and prod at the right pixels to get it going. Oh well.

Broken up into four parts, I cannot say I was surprised by how each part was shorter than its predecessor. This seems to be a trend in older adventure games. Huge openings that get you involved and the ending feels a bit rushed. I felt the same with Day of the Tentacle. And. Um. Maybe something else I am forgetting? Alas, I think this is the end of my Lucas Arts adventure game experience[ref]Well, ignoring Maniac Mansion. Which I have played so many times.[/ref]. Perhaps I should fit some more in.