Party selection screen

No capture card means these kind of pics. Please understand. Part of the joy of Final Fantasy 6 is the whopping amount of characters to use. Personally, I find the Esper System to be a problem as it quickly makes magic obtainable by all of the characters and whittles down their unique traits. Like a broken record, whenever FF6 comes up I must mention how my favorite play of it was when I completely ignored the espers. It was fun.

Playing it again this year, I decided to use the espers. I did, however, want to try to use some of the characters I tended to ignore. This meant when I went from Narshe to Zozo, I (naturally?) picked Locke and Celeste, but instead of the twins I took Gau and Cayenne. Perhaps swapping out Locke for Edgar or Mash would have been a better choice. I thought some stealing would be nice[ref]Thankfully, Locke missed every single steal.[/ref].

Both Cayenne and Gau were indeed dishing out good damage, but Cayenne’s single target attacks and Gau’s randomness were just no match and the battle slowed down so much. So now I am heading for the opera scene, which forces[ref]I am pretty sure this is what makes me think to bring them along to Zozo.[/ref] me to take Locke and Celeste. So naturally I grabbed the twins this time to speed things up. While Mash packs a punch, Edgar is just too powerful for this game at this point. Sadly, the game is also a little too slow without him.