Freedom Island™

MI_FortLook at that screenshot. See where my cursor is? That cost me a few minutes to find. And I did not even find it all by myself. Nope. I pressed H. Then the game gave me a hint. Then I sat and wondered which was worse. "“Giving up”" and going for the hint or spending minutes trying to find the right spot. It puts a bit of perspective on things. Is the game always right? Is it not simply a bad design to have a big area to search and there only being brute force to find the solution?

The idea of "“freedom”“ in games is generally met with the idea that it is, like all freedom, good. Yet the ”“freedom”" to wander all around this map is met with the truth that there is only one spot to go to. So what does this freedom give me?

Illusion. It gives me the sense that I am allowed to make my own mistakes, take my own way, make my own choices.

Frustration. It gives me the chance to make those mistakes and lose my patience due to them.

Memories. It makes me feel things. And feeling things is what leads to remembering things.

The Secret of Monkey Island has been an interesting experience. I realize the game is old. Goodness, it does so much right, though. Especially for its age. I enjoy this Special Edition and the choice to switch between the it and the original version. Seeing the old pixel artwork is a real treat. However, the voice acting adds a real charm. Wish I could find a way to have both.