Out of the cave and right back in.

Cave_Story_title_screenSo about twenty minutes or so after I made yesterday’s post, I finished Cave Story. The final gauntlet of bosses took me some time to attune myself to but once I did, it was fairly easy. The big difference these last three bosses had was that most of the bosses before were single screen deals. These spanned over larger areas with more things flying this way and that. Once I beat it though, I started it up again. I missed the best ending because I picked up an item I should not have. This is one of those things that I am not entirely how I feel about. On the one hand, without looking it up I probably would have gone through many more replays without ever figuring out what to do to get the best ending. I would have kept making the same mistake. I have to go outside of the game to get that information[ref]I am pretty sure, at least! If not someone tell me, please![/ref].

But. And this is a big one. Having too much information in the game takes away some of the mystery. I suppose the balance that needs to be reached here is making so that the game pushes you enough without being obnoxious or making it far too obvious that the secret is there. A simple mistake to be sure and I honestly cannot think of games that do it perfectly. The more secrets the better, though, as this sort of stuff allows for so much replay value and so much searching that I just cannot get enough of it.