The next Pokémon generation

Pokémon x So I picked up Pokémon X because of, well, peer pressure. Kind of. I have only started to get into it because work (and Cave Story) have been interfering. But it is _Pokémon. And interestingly enough, I kind of “”need”” that right now.

Much like that quote I hear Merlin Mann quote frequently on podcasts about there is someone born everyday who has never seen The Flintstones, I get how every single Pokémon operates. This is someone’s first time playing it. Hell, at this pace, my son will very likely be playing one of the games perhaps three generations down. That is kind of bonkers on all sorts of levels.

Maybe there will be some in between this one and that that I will not play. I would put my money on it. Because the last one I really got into, Diamond was about that far back. And while lots of people are saying X and Y are bringing freshness into the series, I personally feel that the distance that I had from it is what is letting me enjoy my copy of X so much. Artificial freshness, I would say. But it is fun. And like I always like to think, great for adding some bits and pieces of Japanese reading into my day.

And one day I expect I will be sharing it with my son. That is what makes “keeping up” even more exciting.