subaku 1.4.1 is out

Took a little while than I had hoped, but subaku 1.4.1 is out! Get it here! The notes are over at the official site but basically I fixed a bug that happened if animations were disabled in endless mode, turned on the leaderboards for time trial and spruced things up a bit for iOS 7.

I am pretty gosh-darned happy with how this game turned out. There is one more mode that I want to implement, but it is taking longer than I expected to work the kinks out. I do not want to say that 1.5 will be the end of subaku but I think that is pretty much as far as I will take it before other projects get going. It has been a great thing and I am really proud of it. Having a friend ask me how to do one of the puzzles and me slowly give him some subtle hints to solve it was great. I cannot say enough how great it was to actually get a product out into the world.