Some Tales of Phantasia: iOS thoughts

007 Tales of Phantasia iOS and Final Fantasy: All the Bravest both cost me the same amount of money. ToP is a “”real”” game and ATB is “Free to Play junk”. I found myself going to ATB almost all the time during my play and yet I hardly find myself booting up ToP?


Load times

Man, ToP boots up slow. ATB had a few splash screens you could[ref]Or at least, I did.[/ref] mash through to get playing but ToP has the splash screens, the intro movie, the server side check before loading your save file. While I am pretty sure ATB has this minus the intro movie, goodness they are so much slower here. That is huge friction towards me booting it up and playing.

Horizontal gameplay

I am slowly becoming convinced that it is vertical or nothing when it comes to playing games on phones. There is no app other than games that I hold my phone horizontally for. Not a single one. I type emails and messages vertically, I check all these social sites vertically, I even watch videos vertically because I prefer to have one hand solidly gripping the phone. It just cannot be done horizontally, and there are few times I really want to have both hands on my phone.

Awkward gameplay

ATB’s rubbing was not exactly sophisticated[ref]Or endearing.[/ref] but it at least worked. Or did what I wanted it to do. I am often quite confused as to how to get the type of attack that I want in Tales of Phantasia. Yes, there are three top, middle and bottom “”zones”” for picking how to basic attacks. And the sliding to perform special attacks makes up for the lack of buttons. Kind of. The problem is that those “”zones”” feel a bit sloppy and Cles so far has just been leaping over enemies and into their attacks and just genuinely controlling poorly. It feels bad.

The transition of games designed for controllers to these touch devices has not yet impressed me. That seems like a motherfucking bold statement since I have not played all of the games. Obviously. What it does do, and I would argue this is very important for persons like myself, is inspire me to work on games that will get closer to being acceptable on these devices. More than just tap and rub.