More writing about writing

Seriously. So. More writing about writing. A public self-check-in if you will. Please do.

I have started writing blog posts in advance and scheduling them for 9 AM throughout the week. This really lets me tap into them “”juices”” when I have them and let me guilt-free not write when well, I do not feel like writing. Or am too busy to write. I sure as heck am trying to get past the “not writing when I do not feel like it” which is a big problem. My work over at Japanator helps with that as it is a business. Personal blog though? That is so easy to let slide.

And yet the more I do it, the more I realize that it is a very important way to express myself. Makes me be a bit more formal and so-forth than a “”journal”“. Gets stuff out of the body, which I am discovering is a bad place for thoughts. They need to be on paper or digitalized. It really does clean the mind and help to make way for more cool stuff.

Even if no one reads it. But a super big “Thank you” if you do.