And for my next trick.I was writing this in my head on the way home from work. My wife had messaged me to say that she found our son in front of the PS3 and both disks of the Winnie the Pooh double disk set[ref]DVD and Blu-Ray![/ref] were nowhere to be found. Happy I was not.

Now, thankfully the disks were easily removed by holding the PS3 in a way that gravity helped with their removal. The PS3 still reads disks fine. The only “”damage”” was the DVD[ref]Which, let’s be honest, is the lesser disk.[/ref] had a few scratches on it. All in all not a very “bad thing” done by my son. After posting a message about it via the book of faces, my parents were quick to remind me of the sandwich[ref]I believe it was a block.[/ref] that I had placed in their Betamax player. A fair trade in my favor, I suppose.

The humorous part was when I got home, my son was looking out the window. Before he could greet me I pointed at him, with no look of menace or anything. Just pointed. Instead of a usual greeting he said “Bye bye, daddy!” And he was giggling as he did it. Did he know he had done something “bad”? I was not going to get mad at him. He is two. I can forgive some stupid mistakes.

I mean, I know I have made a few.