Secrets finally found

スクリーンショット 2013-10-06 20.07.58Looking for my next thing to play, as I avoid Trails in the Sky: Second Chapter and Monster Hunter 4 for reasons I am not entirely sure of, I found myself turning towards Cave Story for a reply. Alas, I messed up something and my Steam version will not run. So I grabbed the original and started playing through it again. I actually found a weapon this time that I had never found before. It shoots bubbles! It is kind of weird, and seemed to only really be useful so far in a boss fight where there were lots of projectiles and summoned enemies. What did rock my world is the realization that there is still much I do not know about a game I considered one of my favorites.

I am none to fond of playing the game on my computer, though. The 3DS version would be spectacular, but the price still seems to be pretty high. I am probably going to pluck away at the original version until I complete it and then perhaps go back to the Steam version to give the higher difficultly a play. Assuming that I ever get the Steam version working again. That thing sure crashes like crazy.