Six teeth and the replay

スクリーンショット 2013-10-05 17.01.09So for some reason I decided to boot up VVVVVV and start playing. And then I ended up beating it. I did not feel like going for all twenty of the trinkets. I did, of course, get Veni Vidi Vici[ref] And spend about an half hour or so trying to do so.[/ref] because it is such a brilliant piece of gaming. I tried something weird while doing that. I knew I would get frustrated. So I smiled. Big ol’ fake smile. Every time I game over’d I forced a laugh. And I felt pretty dang good. And I felt really good when I actually completed this ridiculous section. Then I went on with the game and finished it up not much longer after that. Mind games!

Replaying games has been a large chunk of my game playing this year. I have always found it to be a bit of a crazy idea. I mean, I already played it once! How could I do it again when there are other games to play! In a sense, I am envious of movie fans who could probably sit down and watch a favorite movie or three in an evening. I could not do that with Final Fantasy 7, even though playing that is more enjoyable than any film I have ever watched[ref] Cue people getting angry. I am not saying it is better than films. Read my words carefully![/ref].

So, yeah. Replaying feels weird. But good. Real good. I am having troubles with my capture device at the moment, otherwise I would be working on Final Fantasy 6 instead of playing Steam [ref]Ew.[/ref] games. But interlacing new games with replays is really adding a refreshing take on all of the experiences.