Not liking the look of this



I was playing the iOS version of Tales of Phantasia and this popped up. Maintenance time! I will admit I did not read this because I was shocked it popped up at all, so hey! Fanatical raving time! But basically since the saving happens server side, if they have maintenance that would kind of imply that hmm. Maybe I cannot save during that time? Or something? Either way. Things will go down and do I really want these sorts of things while I am playing a single player RPG?


Upon booting it up today, the game thanked me for logging in (to what?) and then told me I would be getting double gal for the next hour of play. Yippie! Then, I died. The upside here is that it seems to be actual hour of play not “hour from activation”. So that kind of works with my lifestyle. Now, how long it will stick around before it goes “Seriously. You have not played the game in two weeks. No more bonus hour for you.” I dunno, and maybe I will never find out. Not sure why though. If you know what I mean.