Food courts and friends

Dippin' sauce.

Let me tell you about a dream I had. Hold on. Do not worry. I know dreams are boring but I will do it in one - albeit long - sentence.

I was wandering a food court trying to decide what to eat while my friends who I had not seen for a long time were enjoying their meals.

Is that some poignant, hard-hitting stuff or what? How many times has a situation come up where something really special is going on and yet time is wasted on trifling details. Do I get the sausage? Do I get the pizza with extra cheese or not? Seriously? Is this something worth worrying about while something actually awesome is going on?

Chocolate or vanilla? Chicken or beef? How many times has a decision that ultimately did not matter consume so much of my time? Probably more than I am willing to admit. There will be plenty of times to eat ice cream. There will be plenty of times to eat another meal. Getting on with it is something that I really need to focus on.

I originally read this somewhere on AJATT, but it basically went “If you are unsure of two choices it basically means either choice is fine.” And I have been finding this to be both painfully true and painfully hard to adhere to. It does help, however, because I am finding myself getting closer to doing the things that I really want to do.