Starting up top

So I started to play Tales of Phantasia on iOS. It was free, but seems to have a boatload of IAP, mostly items for continuing and I suppose making the game easier? I plan on spending no money here. Of course I have three copies of the game that I never completed so I feel like I have spent enough on it.

Aside from the abundance of IAP I could make, there are some stark warning signs like a terms of service upon starting the game for the first time. I have also gotten server errors when trying to save my game. Not encouraging at all.

No server, no save.

But. I loved Tales of Destiny and since I am done with All the Bravest [ref] I think. I hope. I am at 90% completion.[/ref]. So since I need something else to occupy my iPhone gaming time, I will give this a whirl. I have not played much beyond the introduction before, so I am unfortunately not going to be able to tell where, if anywhere, changes were made to encourage IAP. The game started off by giving you one of the IAP items but then pretty much forcing you to use it, which was a bit awkward feeling. Takes away they "Hey, free item!" feeling. That said, I am stubborn enough to play games in "worse" conditions so we shall see how this goes.

I might have made a huge mistake.