Cellular Rudeness

My phone buzzed as I was walking with my son. I took it out and glanced at the alert. My wife was curious about when we would be getting back home. I stopped to write a quick reply. A person driving by saw me with my son’s hand in one of mine and my cellphone in the other. They gave me a glance that seemed to say “Do you have to do that now?”

Which, I think is something people in general have begun to feel and think. How little importance do we put on the real world that we have to be digging into our cellphones at all times? And reflecting upon this, I feel it comes from the guilt that we know that we do it ourselves. We never know if the person who is looking at their phone just found out something big in their life just happened.

All the “big things” happen on the same devices where the “little things” happen. And I know I have been quick to judge as well, because I know there have been situations where I pulled out my cellphone when it was not absolutely necessary. Which is so telling about myself. All this judgementation comes from assuming people are like me. I guess. I suppose.

Maybe that is not even why that person looked at me. It could have just been guilt that the appearance was that I was ignoring my son when really I was doing something so that our day would go as smooth as possible. All of thee little daily events add up to stresses and confusion and perhaps I put too much pressure on the wrong things. At least I am sure it is worth thinking about.