Games I beat in September 2013

IMG_4725 Well. This is a bit of a sobering image. Then again, the rest of my gaming month was spent on Monster Hunter 4 and Trails in the Sky: SC. Those two are absolutely big time chunks and explains why nothing else was completed. I have been ignoring the progress I put into my replay of Final Fantasy 6 but I think I will be getting back to that this week.

I still have the rest of the FF games that I want to replay this year to get to and most importantly DQ7, SMT4 and Persona 4 that I want to get through. So I think my 3DS is going to get overworked and I can probably pass on picking up anything new for the rest of the year.

Completing All the Bravest does show me that I have a lot more iPhone time than anything else, so I need to be a bit more proactive in picking what I go through on there. The biggest problem with that, however, is the many games which do not handle saving properly and result in lots of lost progress if one does not take care.

Either way, here comes October where I find myself wanting to stay inside even more than usual, and I think I will get some good gaming in this month.