Sometimes parenting feels like a lot of luck. We went out with some other families to an amusement park and our son was actually the best behaved. That is not to imply he was perfect - far from it. But considering how the other kids could get rowdy or teary eyed, I was glad that my boy was causing minimal issue while still having a good time. I sound like a dull businessman there. Ew.

However, the lesson here was really how it seems obvious that a child’s behavior is a direct result of the parents. And yes, it mostly is, but that is a result of daily interactions built overtime plus a bit of luck as to the moods of someone whose moods switch every thirty seconds. We got lucky that day. Maybe some day we will not.

It has made me much more accepting of screaming children. It happens. Things happen. And we cannot confine people to their own homes because a child will scream or get upset. Because then how will they learn? How will we all learn? This is not to excuse blatant shitty parenting. That still exists. However it is not always as clear cut as it appears. I do wonder how easy it is to learn this without being a parent, unfortunately.