ATB, Not done yet

So every single time I think I am done with this freaking game I just load it up again. Which is really cool in the sense that I have made a game an enjoyable part of the little cracks in my day. But, and this is a big one, I end up feeling a bit empty. So, I think it got its hooks in me in all those psychological whoosawhachit ways that they are intending. That is good in a sense. What angers me is that is where it is ended. There is no intent to make a quality game. On the one hand, if it has me hooked, it must be good, right?

If this were the standard, potato chips would be considered really healthy. Just like the empty calories of soda, I feel unsatisfied even though while I do it I feel like it is the best idea ever. So I am probably going to go through the (rubbing) motions to get that 100% on the title screen, I cannot help but tell myself that this is for science.

Helps me feel better, at least.