Final Fantastic thoughts on All The Bravest

Through playing All the Bravest I cannot help but feel a bit sad for the designers, artists and programmers behind it. I have this sharp feeling that many a person on the team said "How about this?" and it would have been a cool idea. But it would have been stricken down as too time consuming, too costly, or not prone to generate enough cash. This is because at its core All the Bravest is stupidly fun. Lots of Final Fantasy characters flinging attacks at well remembered bosses and enemies. The dearth of options is what makes it mind numbing and lacking emotion. The lasting power is reduced to until the next thing comes along. Of course, that is another story for another time.

Imagine simple things like the order of jobs being tapped increased damage or changed the kinds of attacks delivered. Imagine being able to have the slightest bit of say in what jobs are given to you. Having it be more than just numbers adding up to be enough to take out the enemy. My mind goes wild with the ideas of potential here, even with simple changes. Changes, that of course, could have delayed the games release by up to a month, of course. Which means it would have cost more. And needed to sell more. And been too complicated for some.

Instead what we were given was a Final Fantasy game that encapsulates the biggest ""argument"" against the series from many non-fans: Hold down the button to win