Why even All The Bravest?

I downloaded Final Fantasy: All The Bravest the other day and have been plucking through it since. And I have been wondering why. From my understanding, it was originally a four dollar game that got cut down to free. It always had the absurdly expensive DLC, however.

First I was tapping my characters to do their attacks, but through experimentation I realized that rubbing the screen was seemingly more effective. More effective for what pray tell, went through my mind. Score the points, win the game.

I am playing this because - and all the psychology must already be documented somewhere anyway but this is for my own peace of mind - seeing those percent numbers climb on the collection screens feels like an accomplishment. Seeing characters that I recognize feels cool. Hearing music that I enjoy - which honestly is probably reason enough to have this game on my iPhone.

As a huge Final Fantasy 5 fan, this game really hits some chords because the jobs being ""used"" here are mostly from FF5. Yes, a few are credited as being from 3 and 1 as much as they should be. But even then these iterations look quite FF5-like. Which, as a fan, is attractive to me. The shallowness of this game hurts. But I keep rubbing my finger on the screen.

It almost feels like I am searching for something within this game. Searching for an escape from the stresses of life. I am not looking for decision making, as the only options here are to be touching the screen (to do damage to enemies) or to have the app closed (to have the timer count up and replace the characters that have perished. There is no actual decision on my part.

Well, except to spend money. (This is a cue of sorts. Tune in tomorrow for thoughts on money and spending it.)