Back into MonHan


My neck hurting again really should teach me that I should probably not fall asleep on the couch anymore. Probably. And yet.

I fell asleep playing some Trails in the Sky: Second Chapter which is really good. Good to the point that I have regrets I never played it sooner. That a good video game makes. I was waiting at the time for some friends to get ready to play Monster Hunter 4. Because I bought that. Again. Well, I bought a Monster Hunter again. Which seems silly. But then again my saying I will not buy a game is generally - these days - my realization that it will consume a fair chunk of my time and I gots other things I want to do. Other games I should probably play first.

Probably. And yet.

Having an online game to play with friends really makes up for the distance and time zone differences adult life faces. Whereas I saw my parents sacrifice a lot for us kids, it seems I am sacrificing less. Not that I am not sacrificing, but it just feels like I have many more options for socializing and for spending my time. Which means I need to be even more careful. Am I doing what I really want to be doing? I forget where I got that quote. It is so good, though.