Sometimes I have my students add a little drawing when they write out presentations that they are going to give in English. The idea here is that they will associate the English word with the picture and then be able to remember it better. The problem is that many students get way into the drawings and do not finish within the allotted time. I often have to put a hard time limit on it to get them done and working faster.

However sometimes I see a student who obviously has an interest in drawing and it is completely mesmerizing. Someone who can actually draw is like a magician to me. Yes, I understand that it is a matter of dedication and, well, enjoying it. Time spent adds up to the rewards.

What mesmerizes me, however, is how it looks less like what I see myself doing (putting lines on paper) and it more seems like the drawing is already there and they are just pouring it out of the pencil. I always hated drawing and art class in school. I just never had an interest and partially I just felt that from the start I was not going to be able to do it. That, of course, sealed my fate.

So it is an oft repeated thing by me these days, but focusing on what one can do and what one does want is something that I hope to pass onto my son better than I had it as a youth. Of course, perhaps that is just a big part of being young, anyway.