Perfection and best...ection

I was watching a speed run with the at-the-moment comments from the runner. Several times the runner would curse or say things like "That went poorly." and "I have done that better before." They kept on trudging on, despite these mistakes. That run ended up being the world record.

It was a replay that I was watching, so I already knew that it was the world record. Had I been watching it live, I would have likely responded fairly usually. After all that hard work, triumph. Of course there were a few road bumps.

Yet, going in knowing it was the world record, I expected perfection. I expected nothing but the best because that is what makes the best the best, right? Yet to hear the runner make these comments - and I will not pretend for a moment that I even knew mistakes were going on; it all looked golden to me - shocked me. It was also extremely liberating.

Even the best is not necessarily "perfect". So obvious. So, so obvious. Yet so needing to be restated.