Writing about writing

It is amazing how a simple thing can disrupt a habit. I had written on this blog every day over summer vacation and going back to work I fell out of the loop. I hate writing about writing so much but that is exactly what is on my mind right now. I can only hope that getting it out of my system will allow me to get back to pressing things like my thoughts about video games.

As a child, I really wanted to be an author. In eighth grade as we were preparing for graduation, we were asked to compose speeches to give at the ceremony. Twelve or so would be chose and presented.

I, in my overly pompous youth, wrote a long-form poem basically saying good-by to everything elementary and welcoming in the high school days we would soon go through. The teachers praised it and one even had me read it in front of the class as a sign of "what should be expected" of us.

It was, as you have guessed by now, not selected.

I was embarrassed, but worse of all I gave up my writing ambitions. It was something that, like college and reading for fun, caused great issue for me as I never really "gave it up" in whole, yet I had put it aside as something "only people who are good at it" do. Which, of course misses so many forests and trees that I feel silly now.

Silly, but at least aware.