Silly adult

I stood in a store, game in hand. I wanted to buy the game. I put it down. I walked out without buying it. I used the word "I" a whole lot just there. Challenge: Do not use it again this post.

There are several ways to look at the situation. One is the idea of "growing up" where video games are no longer a necessary thing. But if people do not indulge in the "unnecessary" from time to time and only focus on the "necessary", well whose necessary is being employed? Whose unnecssary is being utilized here?

This is a genuine problem. This is such a non-issue and yet it is the entire issue. If people will not look at themselves in the small, pointless issues that do not genuinely effect their lives, how can they be trusted for the serious things?

Not buying that game did not mean that no video games would ever be played again. It was not a sign of giving up a hobby. It was instead a sign of realizing that sometimes waiting is better. And that is the true lesson to glean here.