Needle Sensei

Allow me to bore those of you who know Japanese. Just for a moment, though. Sensei is a pretty versatile word that can be used for teachers, doctors, masters, professors, senses. Ahem. Anyway, yeah. So my son goes to a thing held at a center where kids go and play together and do all sorts of stuff. And the teachers are called sensei. If my son wants to go - or thinks we are about to go - he will say "Sensei". Sometimes he raises his voice like it is a question.

So that happened this afternoon. And he was about to go and see sensei. Although this was not the playing place but instead the doctor. It was shot day. Chicken pox shot day. So I said "Yeah, you are going to go see sensei! Yup! A different sensei but you are going to go see sensei." Of course he did not understand anything but "sensei" and was pretty excited. I felt both a bit bad and amused at the same time.

However he was great at his shot today. No tears. No screaming. No trying to run away. I would probably do that these days. I took him out and let him pick out a new toy car. I tried to explain that this was not an every day experience, just today. He did not really get it, I am sure. But maybe he did. Either way, we were both happy.