An unpleasant Final Fantasy sandwich

Final Fantasy 4-2013.08.25-21.28.17

While I consider myself a fan of Final Fantasy 4, today I played through what is easily my least favorite part of the game. Starting at the Tower of Zot and ending at the Babel Tower, this chunk of the game is easily my least favorite. Both the Tower of Zot and Tower of Babel have very similar set ups and just lots of really "big" looking enemies. This was the spot in the game where I had serious trouble the first time I played it because I was terrified of any big sprite and ended up running away. That, of course, does not make for easier fighting later on. These biggies hit hard as well, which makes the whole part even more terrifying.

Sandwiched between these two unpleasant dungeons is probably the most annoying pair of boss fights in the game. The Calco and Brina are a devilish puzzle to figure out, but then the game offers you a fairly unfair Golbez fight right after it without a chance to heal. Plus, he kills three of your characters. Thankfully I learned from SGDQ that you can go into that fight Muted and it will prevent the hold effect from taking place. This lets you sneak in a few attacks before Golbez's actual AI script activates. But what is even more important is that it lets Kain's jump happen and as a result only two of your party members are taken out before the fight starts proper. I was unable to finish of Golbez like was done at SGDQ, but this "broken" way sure felt like the proper way considering how difficult the fight normally is after another challenging fight.