FF3 Preparation

Final Fantasy 3-2013.08.23-01.30.03

It is interesting to me how much preparation can go into the final dungeons of RPGs. FF3 has is notorious for its last area and even more so when it is being played on an actual console where no save stating, progress suspension or any other sort of assistance is available.

I actually wrote out a list of spells that I wanted for my characters, got the cash, set them all up and also got myself a big pile of cash to get some shurikens for my ninjas. I might have gone a bit overboard here but this preparation step is one I find so relaxing because when I go through the motions to beat the game, it is a sense of practice - kind of like any skill - being put to use.

Sure, this is just me playing a video game. However it reminds me of how, for example, writing every day and pushing myself there is one way to get better. How I push myself with my Japanese. My coding. My teaching. Being a father. Even if I spend some of my free time collecting money in a video game to throw stars at a cloud, it can remind me how I need to focus to improve and make myself a happier person.