After about an hour of crawling into a dungeon in Final Fantasy 3 I screwed up in a battle and the next thing I new it was game over.

The worst I can do when reading a book is lose my place. Whoops. Now I have to flip through and find out where I was. Power went out while watching a DVD? Gotta do a little scrolling. However having that time suddenly be "gone" is something that requires a different sort of line of thought. Gaming is not necessarily about the straight line progress but the direct experience that it is that you are doing at the moment. Whether or not that is "lost" goes beyond the point of actually playing the game.

Now, my own feelings may be altered by these "losses" but then again my choice to load again, my choice to continue is part of the game itself. It is part of the motions that encompass what makes a game. Of course, I am not happy in this situation> I would have per erred to be an hour ahead now, but it is better to figure out how this correlates with other aspects of life and keep enjoyment coming though everything that I do.