Final Fantasy 3-2013.08.19-00.46.34

Back in 2002 I played Final Fantasy 3 for the first time. I had realized a few months earlier that, despite calling myself a Final Fantasy fan, I had never completed one of the games. Maybe if you counted Final Fantasy Adventure or Final Fantasy Legend 2, but I knew by then that those were a bit different. So I set out to beat them one by one. It was a great experience.

FF1 and FF2 took the remaining months of my freshman year of college and I did not touch anything over the summer break. Back in the dorm I began plugging away at FF3 in the waning heat. I remembered back in high school where I ranked the games in the series for no good reason other than I could. FF3 made it at the bottom of the list because I had never played it (or FF2) and 3 came after 2. It was just a boy being a silly boy.

There was, and I should say still is, one scene in FF3, however, that hit me really hard. When getting off of the boat at one part and walking for a bit, you realize that your characters are on a floating continent. My angst-filled youthful self would have called that a moment of realizing you were "living a lie". Now I see it as a realization of things are not always as they seem. There will always be something that you do not know.

The other thing that gets to me is just how beautiful FF3 is. The amount of work that went into the sprites is outstanding. The detail throughout the game is just mind-blowing. It also helps that the game clearly was not meant to be a simple upgrade to the original FF. There is a lot going on here in an impressively ambitious way. It has been almost eleven years since I last played it, and I am looking forward to reencountering moments like this.