Flower Fire

There was a local event tonight that culminated in a fireworks show. Afterwards my wife asked what I thought. I could not answer. I was watching my son instead. I have seen fireworks before.

I do not really understand it, but there was just no excitement for me in the fireworks themselves. But seeing my son experience them for the first time was really cool. His expression looked like a twist of awe and fear. Afterwards he kept happily looking towards the sky and even ran in the direction of where they had been set off.

I came home and then browsed the Internet pointlessly for about two hours. I have not done that for years and I am currently sitting here with a big pile of regret in my brain. I am not sure what exactly it is that connects these two events but I cannot help but feel that there is something here. I have a stack of things I genuinely want to do and ended up doing something easy that was not what I really wanted.

There will only be so many times where I get to see my son do something for the first time. I am glad I took advantage of that today. I am not sure what happened when I came home, however.