subaku time trial is coming

A few days ago I made a tweet about a new mode coming to subaku. Right now the finishing touches are being put on 1.4.0 so with any luck it will be available sometime next week. There are (as usual) a few cosmetic changes here and there but the big one is the addition of the time trial mode.

In a time trial game the player is given one of the 100 puzzles to start and a timer of 105 seconds. The goal is to as many puzzles as possible before time runs out. Every time a puzzle is cleared an additional five seconds are awarded. This means at most there are ten minutes to complete all the puzzles. To add another layer to it, the puzzles do not only come up in a random order but they also may be mirrored or rotated in order to keep players on their toes. I have been messing around with it a good bit and I am pretty darn happy with how it came out.

I also made a page that will handle the custom puzzles. It will not do much if you are on your computer, but on an iDevice with subaku installed you can click on the picture of the puzzle to load up. Since many twitter clients do not handle iOS app links as clickable links, this will be the solution. 1.4 will fix the tweeting so when you beat a puzzle it will only be a click for a twitter follower to be able to try the puzzle themselves.