New Seiken Densetsu PB

Woo! I got it done in under an hour! The one thing I realized is that there is a rhythm to the fighting that I need to keep in mind. Attacking the enemies too quickly will not result in the optimal damage. I also got pretty lucky with the drops after a bit of trouble with Mattocks early on. I ended up getting five Crystals from the owls. Which was great because I managed to get the wall skip the first time. What was even better was that the monsters cooperated well. There are two deaths, one right after I warped to the snow area because I did not save enough MP to cast Sleep. Which did not cost me too much time. Fighting the Zombie Dragon, however, was where a big mistake happened. I will not spoil it. Enjoy.

I need to work on how often I need to refresh the heroine's healing and how many hits that I need to get on the bosses so that I can speed up my boss fights. I got pretty good luck this time, so this might be a bit hard to beat in some regards but there are enough mistakes that I know I can bring the time down further.