Reading Manga! Magi

So, I picked up the first volumes of ten separate manga series. The first one I dug into was Magi. And I kinda like it! The characters have a nice bit of lighthearted goofinss to them and the plot seems standard enough but the Old World setting really shines.

One thing that kinda surprised and then disappointed me was for a while I was unsure if Aladdin was a boy or a girl. The character design is just so that it could be either way and honestly, a few of the tropes that are going on would have been a bit more interesting slash funny if Aladdin were a girl.

Not a deal breaker, though. I will probably continue reading this one. The story really seems like it is going to be classic shonen - I mean seriously, main character likes to eat! However, the setting is really winning me over so far.