Chocolate and Curry

I am sitting here with a belly full of curry - and a little chocolate - and thinking about my relationship with food. I had always been a skinny kid and I had never realized I was fat until I was riding an elevator in Japan and one of the other foreign exchange students said "Yeah, well you would have to be fat like me or Eric to understand."

I had not noticed.

I may not have been the fattest, and I might have had some friends who would have rightfully slapped me across the face if I had stated my woes of being "overweight". I did not actually do anything about it until I came to Japan and forced exercise in the form of riding my bike to work shed off a few pounds.

I remember going upstairs from my parents' basement which was my room during high school to grab bagels in between rounds of Star Craft. My life seemed so busy and hectic. So crazy. But at least I had bagels to keep me grounded. Now here I am taking a break between translation projects late at night as my new family sleeps up stairs. I had some chocolate. These snacks have always been the little glue between the moments that seem so crazy, so hectic. How could I not have taken advantage of all that free time I had just last year? I was not this busy last year! And yet next year I will feel just the same.

At least I will still have chocolate.