One of the signs of a (good?) fanboy is the adherence to the ideas of "numbered" or "mainline" games as opposed to spin offs and other such things. It always bugged me in a silly way that FF11 was a numbered game. "There could have been something else instead!" Probably not but we did get Final Fantasy 10-2. And I like that game. So things are kind of cool. Then Dragon Quest 10 came along. I was disappointed. I played it. I was less disappointed. But I still had this feeling that an "actual" Dragon Quest 10 was "owed" to me. The (desperate?) feelings of a fan.

Now today, Capcom went ahead and announced Breath of Fire 6. And it will be an online mobile game which sends a lot of feelings that are mostly rage throughout the fans. What probably makes this even more so is that this, being numbered, is a "mainline" game for the series. A series that has not seen a game for many, many years.

It means that instead of trying to play off of the idea of "Breath of Fire Online!" they are trying to play it legit. "Here is the sequel that you have been waiting for fans! Enjoy!" Now we are shown a generic looking game that will likely lack the things that fans want. It feels slimy — as if we would be expected to buy it just because its title has a number in it. "It is a real game, trust us!" it seems like they are trying to say. But with the money grabbing methods that we see employed so much in games today, basically turning beloved franchises into mobile pachinko, I cannot help but be skeptical and sad.

I would really like to talk to the people behind this game. Do they feel passion for it? Love? Or are they just going through motions determined by someone else above and thus being put in a position to just make the art, write the code and design the design because that is their job?