subaku 1.3.2 and custom puzzles!

In probably one of the quickest turn arounds I have had from submitting an app, subaku 1.3.2 is out now! What this means is custom puzzles play properly now. My apologies for the previous mistake and the bonus puzzles for the past week have all been put up on the subaku page. Today's puzzle is pictured here. If you are on your iDevice, just tap on the picture to open up subaku and play the puzzle. This was a real fun one to make.

Unfortunately it seems most Twitter clients will not make the subaku:// links clickable, so I am going to have to develop another way for people to share the links once I put in the ability to create your own. Well, you already can by making a subaku://TWITTERNAME/012345670 link, but most people would not be able to click it on Twitter and who wants to copy and paste a link? Solving this should be pretty fun, but probably a little time consuming. Not quite sure what to do just yet.

Next up for subaku is the long promised Time Trial mode. Stay tuned.